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PrestApp Apps Mobiles PWA Responsive Airbus


iOSAndroidNative application

Let's Shop Airbus is the official store for products derived from Airbus, the world leader in aeronautics.

With more than 400 references, you can find models, clothing and accessories of the Airbus brand.

PrestApp Apps Mobiles PWA Responsive Airbus
PrestApp Apps Mobiles PWA Responsive Homme Privé

Homme Privé

iOSAndroidNative application

Number 1 in private sales for men in France, with more than 1 million customers.

PrestApp has been able to adapt to the functional constraints linked to private sales and to the many technical specificities of this PrestaShop store.

PrestApp Apps Mobiles PWA Responsive Homme Privé

PrestApp in few words

All of these statistics are taken from data
aggregated over the last 3 years.

1 million each monthApp launching and PWA

Our agency specialized in the designing of progressive web app and mobile application for PrestaShop is able to carry out “classic” or “tailor-made” realizations to support the largest stores in this Mobile PrestaShop approach.

To date, we are proud to be able to improve the mobile PrestaShop shopping experience more than 1 million times per month. We also deliver more than 5 million pages each month.

+ 15% Average cart price

From an ergonomic and extremely smooth shopping experience, we are able to state that on average PrestApp increases the average price of the baskets on PrestaShop for our customers for about 15%.

This can be explained by two statistics: firstly the number of pages viewed per session on mobile application or progressive web app PrestaShop which is higher and secondly, the page load time which is increased.

+ 18% Conversion rate

Thanks to a shopping funnel with minimum friction and an unrivaled user experience on PrestaShop, we can see a conversion rate of up to + 18% higher. We have paid particular attention to the realization of this purchase tunnel often involved, creating abandoned carts for various reasons and ultimately a lower conversion rate.

To increase this conversion rate: push notifications allowing on PWA as on PrestaShop mobile application to solicit your customers by informing them on current promotions, etc ...

+170% per sessionProduct page views

Being specialists in mobile and progressive web app for PrestaShop, we were able to develop our own solution based on a “front” completely decorrelated from the classic PrestaShop “front”.

Thus we are able to drastically optimize page loading times. This is explained by the technology we use, developed in more than 3 years of R&D but also by the fact that we only load useful content unlike a responsive site. In conclusion, extreme fluidity naturally pushes visitors to consult an average of + 170% of product pages per session.

our strength

Innovation, reactivity and expertise are our 3 pillars.

R&D of 3 years on mobile applications and PWA

A base Special PrestaShop & PWA mobile app developed by our agency to offer mobile applications and progressive web app for PrestaShop.

Always evolving in terms of functionality, maintained over the versions of PrestaShop, secure from end to end between your PrestaShop store and your mobile application or PWA, editable in real time and above all with an advanced administration interface.

Note that all of these PWAs and applications for PrestaShop cover the set of native functionalities but also more since we carry out tailor-made. This tailor-made covers the graphic part, the functional part as well as the technical part relating to your information system (ERP, CRM, etc...) or even if you have “front” modules on your non-native PrestaShop store.

Average time to close support ticket : 26h

Our ticket management tool provides access to each of our customers in order to centralize exchanges between you and our teams.

So you can submit change requests, more general changes that could impact the PWA or the Mobile Application such as : a PrestaShop version upgrade / module update or even bug fixes.

Our after-sales service team is at your disposal to provide an answer to your tickets within 48 hours from Monday 9 am. to Friday 7 pm. The satisfaction of our customers is a priority, that's why we take to heart the stability of your mobile app & PWA PrestaShop is our priority that's why we take customer satisfaction to heart.

If you want to make a change after the deployment of your PrestaShop progressive web app, it is without any problem and with pleasure that your customer manager will contact you as soon as possible in order to collect your needs, establish an estimate before moving on to the development part following validation from you.

A contact dedicated and specialized according to your needs

Our agency is made up of different skill division in order to be able to support clients of all sizes in their process of acquiring an application or a Progressive Web App for PrestaShop.

Indeed, depending on the scope of your project and the budget you wish to allocate to it, we will provide you with the appropriate areas of expertise in order to best meet your needs.

During all phases of your project, a dedicated contact will interface with the technical teams for you and answer all of your questions. Contact will also be available to assist you in its development and implementation.

Skill division

Each stage of your PrestaShop
mobile project, has it skill division


Our infrastructure team ensures the security and stability of our servers but also performs the optimization of the solution in order to have ever faster applications and progressive web apps.


SEO is a major issue for all PrestaShop merchants. This is why our SEO experts constantly strive to best meet the expectations of search engines and thus optimize the referencing of PrestaShop stores.


PrestaShop is an open-source solution made up of many modules developed by the community. PrestApp offering a completely decorrelated “front” of PrestaShop, this team is in charge of adapting all of these modules for a perfect integration of the PWA and the PrestaShop mobile application with your store. This team is also in charge of developing the PrestApp tool to offer more and more new native PrestaShop features embedded with the PrestApp subscription.

Expert UX & UI

Branding is important and should be reflected through the design of your PrestaShop mobile application. This is why our mobile UX / UI experts offer you, according to your needs, several models in order to have a tailor-made PrestaShop mobile & progressive web app that reflects your image. This division is also in charge of developing the PrestaShop mobile design offered with the annual or monthly subscription to PrestApp.


Once the models have been validated by your company, our integrators will take care of bringing PrestaShop to life within your PWA & mobile app. Concerned about quality, we only work on the principle of “pixel perfect”.

Project manager

To ensure the smooth running of your PrestaShop mobile project, our project managers will be in contact with your teams. The synchronization of exchanges and needs is essential for us in order to ensure maximum satisfaction with the final product delivered.

Support and follow up

Do you have a problem following a PrestaShop module update? Do you want to upgrade your PrestaShop mobile app or your PWA? Contact our support service directly from our dedicated after-sales service tool and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mobile expert / customer acquisition & loyalty optimization via mobile

In perpetual evolution, the field of mobile must be followed. This is why our mobile center of expertise carries out research & development to keep up to date with the latest news. This in order to be able to optimize the conversion rate and the loyalty of your customers via the mobile channels which today represent the majority of visits to ecommerce sites.

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