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From149€/monthexcluding taxes and specific developments
  • PWA only149€/month

    Replaces the responsive version of your site

  • Application only249€/month

    Available on Google Play Store and App Store

  • Bundle PWA + App349€/month

  • Optimized shopping tunnelYes

    The purchasing process is fully integrated into the application. From adding to the cart to payment.

  • Real-time synchronizationYes

    Orders and catalog modifications are uploaded in real time.

  • Analytics ToolsYes

    Analytics, Google Tag Manager, AppsFlyer, Facebook Pixel, ...

  • Programmable PUSH notificationsUnlimited

  • PersonalizationYes

    Choice of colors and logo, widgets on the home page and personalized pages.

  • Modules compatibilityOn estimate

    Your modules are designed to work with PrestApp (essential modules are included).

  • Specific developmentsOn estimate

    Our Tech team develops tailor-made functionalities.

  • Specific designOn estimate

    Our Design team adapts the appearance of your application.

  • SupportYes

    Priority chat and hotline support with a dedicated contact.

Reserved for large account customers

On file study and On request

Frequent questions

Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find answers to your questions !

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA) ?

Progressive Web Apps use the latest technologies to offer a hybrid between a website and a mobile application. To put it simply, a PWA is a mobile application directly accessible from a browser, with the possibility of installing it without going through the Android or iOS stores. With PrestApp, the PWA therefore replaces the mobile / responsive version of your store by redirecting mobile traffic to the url of your PWA.

Should I choose a mobile app, a PWA, or both ?

Often the question has to be asked in relation to the audience you have and want to reach. If you have a new store and your name is not yet known to many, it will be easier to offer a PWA, which your customers will automatically come across if they arrive on your site from a mobile or tablet. In addition, the mobile application is a great way to retain an existing community and increase the frequency of purchases and the average cart price.

What is the minimum engagement period with PrestApp ?

The minimum commitment period is one year, whether you make the payment monthly or annually

Does my application remain available if I do not renew my commitment ?

If you don't renew your pledge, your app will automatically become inaccessible to your users. Note that you will receive several reminders by email indicating the upcoming expiration of your commitment

Why do I have to pay ?

The annual commitment is used to :
  • Obtain an application and / or a PWA by capitalizing on all the developments that were necessary to develop our PrestApp tool (2 and a half years of R&D)
  • Cover the development costs related to improving the PrestApp tool Ensure the maintenance of your application in the event of a problem (provided that the problem is not the initiative of changes made on your side) Carry out the deployment of your application or PWA under our Apple & Android developper accounts
  • Develop the PrestApp tool according to the evolutions of PrestaShop

Finally the annual cost is less than one maintenance cost of an application or a PWA if you had not gone through the PrestApp tool;)

I have specific modules on my PrestaShop will they work with PrestApp ?

All specific modules can work with PrestApp in the same way they operate today on your PrestaShop. To date, we have not encountered any limitation, for any PrestaShop module. However, some times the adaptation is more complex than others

What is a specific PrestaShop module ?

specific PrestaShop module means all modules providing non-native front-end behavior. PrestApp covers all of PrestaShop's native functionalities by default, however modules make it possible to enrich the search functionality, for example, or even the means of transport and the means of payment. We can also find loyalty modules, etc ... not being a part of the native modules.

How much will it cost me to integrate a specific module into PrestApp ?

The cost of integrating a module varies depending on its complexity and therefore the time that our developer team will have to spend adapting it to be able to be properly embedded in your PrestaShop application or PWA. We usually do a costing of all non-native modules that can be adapted. Then you are free to tell us which modules from this list you want to integrate. This integration cost only has to be paid once, at the initialization of the project

Can I use the test module to deploy my application and / or my PWA ?

Unfortunately no, the test module is as its name suggests present on our administration interface so that you can test our PrestApp tool and preview your PrestaShop mobile application before its deployment

Can I have a design other than the preview one ?

Of course ! Our designers and UX / UI experts will be happy to assist you in creating a tailor-made design that reflects your image. We offer a “classic” theme to pool our costs as much as possible and thus allow a large number of e-merchants to have an unparalleled PrestaShop mobile experience. However, large PrestaShop stores frequently ask us to create and integrate a design specific to their brand.

How much does the production and integration of a specific design cost ?

The cost will depend on the extent of the demand. Some customers ask us to modify only certain parts of the application where others will want to completely redesign the interfaces. We take a need assessment at each step as well as an estimate in order to best meet your expectations

What are the advantages of a PrestApp subscription ?

The strength of PrestApp is first of all to pool development costs in order to offer the greatest number of merchants a customizable and affordable application or PWA without compromising on quality. The subscription covers the evolutions and the possible fixes, costs in any case present and even more important for an application or a PWA

Can I have very specific features in my application and / or my PWA ?

We are able to integrate all the specific business functions to your store. We often recommend “key” features that make the application even more useful in order to retain your users. For example the pharmacist / patient exchange, prescription scan and expiration reminder of the latter by push notification for the field of pharmaceutical dispensaries

Can I deploy my application and / or my PrestaShop PWA on/in-store tablets ?

It is quite conceivable to enrich your customers' purchasing journey by offering them an in-store tablet inviting them to discover your products, give them recommendations according to their profile but also indicate their physical location (aisle, floor)

I have an ERP and a CRM connected to my PrestaShop will it work with my application and / or my PWA ?

The PrestApp tool has been designed in such a way that it can work with the PrestaShop core. So we use all the native PrestaShop hooks. For example, if an order is placed via an application or a PWA powered by the PrestApp tool, the latter will go back to your ERP in the same way as if it had been placed via a computer or the responsive version of your site.

How to deploy my application on the Apple and Android stores ?

If you want to deploy the application on your behalf on the stores, this is possible. We provide you with the builds for iOS and Android, you will only have to carry out the deployment without worrying about the technical part. Note that we provide a guide to make your job even easier. You will not have any questions and will be sure to do your deployment correctly

What is the cost of an Android and Apple Developer license ?

The annual cost of a license is as follows:
  • Google : 25 € lifetime
  • Apple : 99€ / year

I wish to have my application and / or my PWA for life how it goes ?

To meet the needs of major brands and retailers, we offer a lifetime formula. Contact us via our form to find out more

If I update my PrestaShop will my application and / or my PWA still work ?

We are developing our tool with new versions of PrestaShop. However and for more security, before performing the update, contact us to obtain a confirmation from us

If I update a non-native PrestaShop module will my application and / or my PWA still work ?

In most cases, updates made to non-native PrestaShop modules are automatically taken into account, however in some cases we will have to make adaptations on our side. If you have any doubts, contact our after-sales service before performing the update.

Does the PrestApp tool improve my SEO ?

The PrestApp solution has been designed not to negatively impact your SEO. For the PWA, the robots are not redirected to the PWA in order to avoid impacting the SEO in place

Any other questions about our prices ?

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible !